Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Big Haul!

The other day I arrived at the Mara Bagga Yorro (animal parts market) to find one of my friends and research participant with a large grin on his face.  It turned out that he had just purchased an incredible amount of new stock for his stall.  All the stock was bought from a single hunter that had traveled from Western Mali to sell his wares.  The purchase included the following:

1 Roan Antelope Hide
6 Roan Antelope horns
8 Hartebeest horns
2 Warthog heads
1 Civet head
5 Porcupine heads
7 bundles of porcupine quills
7 porcupine stomachs
10 Baboon heads                                                                                 
1 Mongoose head
5 Patas monkey heads  
2 Fish Eagle talons
7 juvenile crocodile heads
1 juvenile hyena head
1 juvenile hyena hide
1 juvenile hyena tail
10 barn owls
1 starling
2 Black cobras
3 Puff Adders
1 juvenile Savannah Monitor
40 dried chameleons
1 Jackal head
20 Bushbuck horns
15 Baboon paws
2 Duiker forelegs
4 Caracal forelegs
1 Civet hide
3 Falcons

The total paid for this haul of animal parts was 50,000cfa (roughly $105.00); a deal if there ever was one.  No wonder my friend had a big grin on his face.