Monday, January 21, 2008

Hunters go to Market

It has been a busy past couple of weeks with all sorts of people coming and going in the Marra Bagga Yoro (animal parts place).  A few of the vendors have been purchasing new stock for their stall.  Here are a few examples.  First up are a couple of hunters that have harvested several gazelle, antelope, and Civet hides.  They are trying to turn a quick buck, however the vendor who ended up buying the civet hides (5 @ 1000cfa = $12.00), got them at a steal.  

Next up is the bucket-o-vipers, believed to be juvenile saw-scale vipers.  The man brought them to the Marra Bagga Yoro looking to sell them for 20,000cfa each.  Vendors told me that they are only worth about 5000cfa each ($12.00).  And yes, they are alive.

Last up is a live Ball python.  A man collected it outside of Bamako and brought it in to sell.  One of my friends bought it, along with the head of another, for 5000cfa ($12.00)

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