Thursday, December 20, 2007

Global Sex

A couple of days ago I was walking through one of the markets located in downtown Bamako.  While perusing through the goods the vendors offered I was shocked (and intrigued) to find this one.  This is a Malian sex shop.  Though it does not have an underage warning sign, its business is unmistakable.  I spoke with the vendor, her name is Toure, and she prides herself on her knowledge of sex and business.  From her you can purchase supplements to "give a man force," "to make sex better," "to make her want sex," as well as "to make him want sex."  I looked over her wares and was able to discern prepackaged creams, powders and pills.  Most of these were manufactured in China.  Alongside these manufactured goods can be found local products, including a special (and very expensive) branch from a tree.  Toure told me, "it will make a man strong for a very long time."  The makers of Viagra could learn a thing or two from Madam Toure.

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